Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BluePower Re-Run....An Evening With Barry McCabe!

The strength of the Blues can be determined by the sheer amount of ground the music has covered in the last 80 years. In that time, this purely American art-form has managed to blossom in nearly every country in the world. The Blues has been transformed into nearly every language and is understood by every man and woman ever born. No one can honestly say they "have not" had the Blues at one time or another.

In this presentation, BluePower honors a man for his contributions to the Blues and Rock from the beautiful country of Ireland. Barry McCabe was born in Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland and has managed to travel the world bringing his music to hundreds of thousands of people. Barry's music can best be described as Rock and Blues with a Celtic twist.

This show features music from many of Barry's CDs but primarily from his new release, Beyond The Tears.

Tune in to this masterful player, writer and performer as he guides us through many stories of life and the pursuit of happiness. A true storyteller in every sense of the word, Barry McCabe gives his all to his art; to our benefit.

John Rhys/BluePower.com

The songs are:

1)...."Sunrise"....Barry McCabe/Davey Spillane
2)...."In The Dead Of Night"....Barry McCabe
3)...."Oh Well"....Barry McCabe written by Peter Green

4)...."Sheilagh"....Barry McCabe

5)...."Rollin'"....Barry McCabe
6)...."Trouble"....Barry McCabe

7)...."The Emigrant"....Barry McCabe/Davey Spillane

8)...."Talkin' Woman Blues"....Barry McCabe

9)...."Full Moon On Main Street"....Barry McCabe

10)..."Arthur"....Barry McCabe

11)..."Tempted"....Barry McCabe
Listen to....BluePower Presents....An Evening With Barry McCabe!

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