Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saving Detroit; One T-Shirt At A Time!

About a month ago, my wife and I were invited to Detroit. When we arrived at the Detroit airport, we were picked up by a young man who told us he was a musician and entrepreneur. This young man went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed and then gave us his phone number and said to call should the occasion rise. We just knew....he was good people.

 I had lived in Detroit during the turbulent 60s and had grown to love Detroit for the music and the people. Coming back after all that time had passed only served to refresh my memory of how much I had missed that great city.

Detroit is not the same as I left it those many years ago. I recently heard it is the most dangerous city in America and that crime has gone through the roof. The police department has been cut to the core and has posted signs telling folks to enter the city at their own risk.

One man has decided that folks should not listen to these dire warnings and has started a campaign to turn things around in the Motor City. His name is Salvatore Aiello. He's a rapper, a singer and writer of strange and wonderful material. He also runs a small company that manufactures t-shirts that say "Don't Be Afraid Of Detroit." 

Recently, he has been contacted by several major networks and asked to do interviews which he readily admits he loves doing. "It makes me happy when I stand out here with these shirts and whether I sell them or not, people see the term and they smile and they say "Ha! Don't be afraid of Detroit!" "

It only takes one person of  faith to start a movement and this movement has begun. BluePower salutes Mr. Salvatore Aiello for taking a stand to fight for the city which is his home. And, as we used to say in the day...."Keep The Faith Baby!"

Sal sent us a copy of a song we heard on the way back to the airport. The title is, "The Story Of My Life" and we thought you might like to hear it. It has never been released and I think this is only a demo. Music has been a constant mainstay in the Motor City and this young gentleman could help fuel the fire that keep the home fires burning.

Thanks again Sal for all your help.

Click here to listen to....The Story Of My Life!

I would like to thank all the folks who were so courteous and kind to Lori and I during our visit to Detroit. We send our love to you all.

John Rhys

If you would like to purchase one of these great T-Shirts, you may give Sal a call and place your order. Here's the number....



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Would love to buy the t shirts by Salvatore Aiello. How can I get in touch and place an order?

3/14/2013 12:43:00 AM  

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