Monday, May 11, 2009

A Sample Of The Best Music You Never Heard!

BluePower has been playing the Blues for fifteen years now and to be honest, we're just not finding the caliber material we would like to play in order to remain consistently strong. Sure....we could keep playing the old artists, the great artists who created the Blues in the first place (and we will from time to time) but there are now dozens of sites playing the Blues. When we started on the air in 1995 we were among three web sites with the intention of keeping the Blues alive.

Recently, a friend mentioned that I had produced and engineered many great artists during my time that never saw the light of day. He said that perhaps BluePower should look to doing something new with something old. After all....if you've never heard something, then it's new to you correct?

The Best Music You Never Heard.

Please let us know if there is anything in particular that strikes your fancy and we'll make sure to place more of that material into our upcoming shows.

Here's the music:

1)...."The Passionate Side"....Basha....unreleased....publisher unknown
2)...."Shut Up!"....The Hornets....unreleased....Hollywood Allstar Music

3)...."Full Moon"....The Infallibles....unreleased....publisher unknown

4)...."Walk Around"....Cliffdweller....unreleased....Hollywood Allstar Music
5)...."Spanish Eyes"....Real George....unreleased....Hollywood Allstar Music

Click here to play....The Best Music You Never Heard!


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