Friday, April 06, 2007

Webcasters Unite Signs 322 Independent Sites!

Last March, an independent broadcaster named Paul Philbeck decided to create a central location to gather all the other independent broadcasters together in order to create a broad front to help combat the egregious demands of the RIAA.

Webcasters Unite is succeeding in it's mission by signing 322 independent stations so far. Certainly enough to muster a nice class action suit against the over-bearing record companies. It may only slow them down but at least that will give the independents time to re-load.

It makes no sense to BluePower as this writer once worked for the major record companies at a time when they were literally "paying" for airplay. Everyone knows this to be true. Now, the record companies, their profits sagging due to talent blindness and lack of foresight, battle their only true salvation.... the independent webcasters. A force with which to be reckoned.

For years, everyone has had their hand in the pocket of the writer and artist. Now, the tide is turning and no artist/writer really needs the monolithic labels or the performing rights societies. If I'm wrong, someone please let me know of any radio stations today that are breaking new artists. Today, an artist or writer can simply put his or her work on the web and let the public make the choice to buy or not. At least the sales go directly to the artist or writer and not some entrepreneurial corporation.

In the old days the performing rights organizations collected writer royalties through various ways of counting said performances. When this writer was on the air in the early 60s, we had BMI log sheets every other quarter which we had to fill out to our chagrin. You know....time-artist-label-rights affiliation etc.

This will amaze you....ASCAP literally had people listening to various radio stations in major markets trying to ascertain the numbers of performances for ASCAP writers. I once walked into one of these rooms and thanked my lucky stars I wasn't a member of ASCAP. Surely there must have been a better way. Hopefully they have found an accurate counting system by now. BluePower is going to ask. SESAC was nowhere to be seen at that time.

Here is a conversation I have just had with Paul Philbeck of Webcasters Unite. We will continue speaking with Paul on a weekly basis to keep our listeners informed as to the procedures happening regarding the current hearings on this matter.

John Rhys-Eddins/BluePower.com

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